Testimonials of Whinny Warmers® are after the testimonials for SILVER Whinnys™ . Thanks for wanting to know what our customers have to say.


Comment: “The cases I’ve used the Summer Whinnys on have been interference marks, grabs, boot rubs, summer sores and scratches,” Dr. Soule says. “With medication and the application of these socks, we’ve had unanimous success in alleviating these otherwise persistent problems.”

Steve Soule, VMD, with Palm Beach Equine Medical Centers of Wellington, FL, has practiced on its A-circuit hunter/jumper shows for decades, has served as a Fédération Equestre Internationale and U.S. Equestrian Federation veterinarian and on USEF Veterinary and US Hunter Jumper Association (USHJA) Horse & Rider Advocates committees. He was presented with the 2009 USEF Marty Simensen Award for his unwavering commitment to the protection and welfare of horses, and uses Summer Whinnys on his clients’ horses. Steve Soule, Wellington, FL


Comment: “To say we are thrilled is an understatement. The time the socks take to maintain, change and wash is a token compared to the hours we spent, every day for months, treating him over the years. I have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars treating him, including veterinary intervention and antibiotics when one year it turned into cellulitis (and still didn’t fully resolve).

Silver Whinnys have kept Mike virtually free of mud fever. He had one tiny (2-3mm) lesion on one heel which probably didn’t stay as well covered but it didn’t progress and there haven’t been any signs of issues on the other two legs at all.

I am attaching photos, to show what we dealt with every year for the last six since owning him, and then last weekend, when Lexi (my daughter) washed him and it shows the great state of his white legs now. Lexi is going to her first clinic with Mike soon and he will sport fresh Sox. He went to a hoof trimming clinic last month and everyone talked about his Silver Whinnys!” Kerry Masterman, Australia


Comment: “I love the socks and have 2 sets and recommended your company all the time. Also your customer service is outstanding! Ever since my gelding had cellulitis two years ago flies have been a huge problem with his two front legs and the socks have been a godsend. Without them I'm sure we'd be battling cellulitis every fly season." Amanda W. in Pennsylvania.


Comment: “Silver Whinnys are my go to for LuBugs PLV and simple scratches. Just yesterday, the folks at Sox For Horses helped me out immensely getting a special speedy delivery to Lu in Florida because she's flirting with a PLV outbreak. Having Silver Whinnys on her to protect and support healing has eased my mind greatly. That and having the exemplary care provided by the staff at B-C. This is a product I cannot do without. Plus the people at SFHs are superdooper nice all the time. They actually care about the horses. I ♡ that." Sherry K. VA


Comment: Shannon and Pooh“I wanted to take a moment and thank you for such an incredible product. The attached photo is our sweet fellow Pooh. He will be celebrating his 30th birthday this year. Without the silver whinneys he wouldnt be this happy. For the last several years he has experienced terrible summer sores. Our vet recommended the silver whinneys to help with healing and they have made a huge difference. We purchased our first pair in 2015 and are just now having to replace them. He sports his cool soxs daily to help ward off any sores. We would not have made it through the summer without them.

Thank you for your help." Shannon and Pooh


Comment: “Hello. I know you have so many clients...certainly do not expect you to remember me.....just wanted to share our success with SOX. Today is 3 weeks since I started using SOX on my 24 yo thoroughbred, Zo. I have had this horse for 20 yrs and he has had numerous outbreaks of the scabs etc on his left hind and left front fetlocks and pasterns. Like so many of your clients, I scrubbed with betadine and used vet prepared ointments that contained steroids and antibiotics. Was becoming a nightmare for my horse and myself.

I started to see improvements at end of Day 1. Now, almost all of the scabs are gone...just a few pinpoint size remain and they are very dry. Hair is returning. Skin is pink and healthy. He has done very well with the SOX. Both of us have gotten so much better putting on and taking off. I can now change every 48 hrs and all will be well.

I contacted my local vet and shared my story with him in hopes that he will suggest to other clients. I have had several people inquire as to what the heck is my horse wearing. Some people just will not take the time to check their horses' legs and put in any effort to help them with these dermatological issues. But, THANK YOU so much for these SOX. Greatest product for horses I have ever purchased. I feel I no longer have to fear the onset of late spring and summer when the problem seems to recur. I have also been so much more aware of applying sunscreen to his pink nose each am to protect those areas. Please, do not ever decide to go out of business. I am a customer for life” Phyllis N.,Chesapeake City, MD


Comment: “A couple weeks ago I skeptically purchased my first set of Silver Whinnys. I was desperate to find a product that (1) kept the sun off of my mares white hind legs, (2) help with the bit of fungus-y stuff we'd been battling, (3) and help with stocking up.

The first couple days, I'd come back and the socks would be scrunched all the way down around the pastern and her legs would be fat and squishy. I initially thought it was because my mare really likes her lie down naps, but after a couple of days I found they were staying up all day and night. I guess she just needed some time to get used to them. (Note from SFHs: We think so too A., and you stuck with it and let your horse get use to them! Well done.)

Like I said, she had a bit of fungus-y type stuff. Nothing crazy, but appeared to be a bit of scratches. I treated them with a product of my choice and popped the socks on her hind legs. It was like magic. All of a sudden the funk began to fade and nice healthy skin appeared. After this, I decided she needed another set so I could begin using them on her front legs (a bit of funk there as well). After a couple of days, I am already seeing improvements.

An added plus was after about a week of using these, the stocking up lessened to almost nothing. This is incredibly convenient, as the wraps are a pain to do regularly.

Overall, this product rocks my SOX off! They have made caring for my horse so much easier and I recommend them to anyone that will listen. Thank you for such a great product!” A.M. Oceanside California


Comment: “I really wish I had taken before and after photos - something I didn't think about because I really didn't think the Sox would fix the problem. I live in the dry tropics - wet season is usually a source of mud fever and the dry causes my 17.3h Warmblood to get the most terrible sores on the front of his fetlocks and his hocks from laying down on hard pasture. I am Thrilled - the Sox went on his front legs 2 weeks ago (and in that time I have not taken them off just adjusted them if they had slipped). Today I thought - the Sox need a wash. To my amazement his fetlocks sores are almost gone!!!!! The Sox didn't work for his hocks - they were too tight and slipped down his cannons. But I am over the moon about his front legs. Thank you for an excellent product. Maybe you could design a hock sock????” Jayne R, Australia


Comment: "To whom it may concern,
Hossani In the year of 2013 on the month of March. My three year old Arabian gelding went through several weeks of irritation to all four of his lower legs with variable edemas and ex-stream palpable heat of the surface on these areas. After multiple visits from local vets and a lot of guessing. My attending vet suggested a specialist, he referred my horse to the University Of Florida Dermatology Department which is led by Doctor Rosanna Marsella. After several biopsys, microbiology, parasitology and Serology tests. The diagnosis was leukocytoclastic vasculitis. Acerbated by 14 different allergies and staphylococcu infecting his ergots that was revealed from skin testing. With a couple of follow up visits, Dr.Marsella introduced a set of knitted socks called Summer Whinnys provided by Socksforhorses. Phone 850-907-5724. They are anti-microbial socks that slip over the affected area of the horse to give a clean and dry environment to provide support toward a better chance of healing. I truly believe that without the combined efforts of Dr. Marsella and Socksforhorses my horse would nohave survived. With great appreciation and gratitude, I thank the team that saved my horse. THANK YOU . From Ed"


Comment: "I had a unique experience yesterday, I was having trouble placing an order because of some glitch between my credit card and paypal. I contacted Sox For Horses. Within the hour I received a phone call from the company. (Wish I could remember the person's name!) We had a short conversation about my problem and then went into discussing Whinny Warmers. I am a board member and foster mom for Missouri Forget Me Not Horse Rescue and Sanctuary. One of my boys is JimBob, a 29+ yr. old TWH. He has cushings, and arthritis in his back legs. We talked about what would work and what would not work for JimBob. This company is proud of their product but their concern was more for my sweet old horse then the dollar sign. This kind of customer service is very rare today. This is a company you can trust!! Thanks for listening.
Virginia Rice, Eldon MO"

Comment: A horse named Beri, and his nightmare with Bed Sores.
"This horse came to me in August 2013. He arrived with large, open wounds and abrasions on his knees, ankles, and hocks.  At first I hoped that simply keeping the wounds clean and dressed with products like AluShield, Vetericyn, etc. and moving the horse into a sanitary, well-bedded paddock would be enough for the lacerations to heal. Those measures did help, and the lesions did improve.  However, after about six weeks, the horse still had recurring open wounds on both knees and ankles. The abrasions were smaller than when he first arrived, but they would not completely heal. They’d scab and reopen in a frustrating cycle. 

I decided to try to 'protect' the wounded areas by bandaging, wrapping, etc. This is obviously problematic because horses’ knees and ankles are not particularly easy to wrap/protect safely. Wraps and bandages have the potential to help, but also to harm (too tight, no air circulation, horse removing them easily, etc.). Some of the things I tried include gauze, various bandaging tapes like vetwrap, duct tape, human athletic tape, neoprene knee boots (worn only for a short period of time when it was likely he would roll).  I also experimented with a wide range of commercial wound dressings and bandages both from veterinary and human medicine. For example, I tried the bandages people use for diabetic heel ulcers. Nothing worked.

By nine weeks, I was desperate for a solution. An internet search led me to Sox For Horses, Inc. and Summer Whinnies®. After a series of emails with Raymond Petterson, President of Sox For Horses, Inc., I ordered the Summer Whinnies. The customer service was fantastic.  I was helped with sizing; but most importantly, Mr. Petterson considered my horse’s unique situation and brainstormed possible solutions. His ideas even included products not associated with his company; our shared goal was 100% my horse’s healing. 

I use the Summer Whinnies in a slightly unconventional way, pulling them up over the horse’s knees, but they are undoubtedly the key to this horse’s healing process. The 10/16/13 photographs show the horse’s knees when the Summer Whinnies arrived. The 11/1/13 photographs show substantial healing after only 2 weeks in Summer Whinnies. And finally, the 12/3/13 photographs show healthy knees.

I am very grateful those at Sox For Horses, Inc., and I will continue using Summer Whinnies—both for this horse (to keep his knees and ankles healthy) and as designed (fly protection) for my other horse."
Laura A. Vista, California


Comment: "Dear Sox For Horses
My mare had a horrible tendon sheath laceration that became infected and the wound tore apart. She was in a leg wrap for over three months while it healed. The wound just didn't want to close. I called you and we discussed taking her out of the wrap and into a Sock. This also allowed her to get out into the pasture, and out of a stall, and also allowed air to get to the wound. Within 24 hours the wound formed a scab, and 10 days later came off. The skin underneath is strong, and growing hair. I wish I had called you sooner. I am planning to use the winter socks for my mare with laminitis, to keep her legs warm.
Thank you, You spent over an hour talking to me when I called, and checked in several times to see how my mare was doing. The extra special attention was something we just don't see in this modern world. I am also very impressed with the quality of the socks, and how easy they are to wash and dry. I hope I never have a bad injury on a leg again, but if I do, I will be using your Sox!" Linda Schaap, Circle L Ranch


Comment: "My horse had scratches for a year. I tried a lot of stuff including the medications given to me by my vet. Summer Whinnys worked better than any of it. The inflammation was gone and the sores healed for the most part before I stopped using the socks during the winter. I don't get to see my horse everyday so changing them in the winter was difficult but I am happy with results." Linda M., Castle Rock, Col.


Comment: "Haven't sent you pictures in a while, but let me just tell you that JayTee's legs are looking really, really good. All of the "normal" dermatitis is gone. The only thing left is the crusty, scaly, cracking stuff at the coronet band and that is significantly improved. There is no swelling in JayTee's legs at all now, and he no longer protests when I or anyone else handles his back legs. Socks and any other care of his back legs now takes place with him sleeping in the cross ties, no twitch or second pair of hands reguired.
The last bottles of Naxcel and Gentamicin that I bought to keep on hand for the cellulitis that accompanies JayTee's scratches have expired...That has never happened before. I am really hopeful that I will never have to replace those.
I just ordered 3 sets of long and 2 sets of short summer whinnys to get us through the spring season for all the white legged horses and for JayTee, who will live in Summer Whinnys for the rest of his life. Jay has now been in the long socks since last summer with changes happening nearly daily (we have missed a few, but not many). I am going to try the short socks and see how he does with those as his issues have been nearly all in the pastern and ankles.
Thank you again for this wonderful product and for all of your help (and where were you 10 years ago when this whole mess started?)" Jenn Howard.


Comment: "Thank You! My mare wears whinnys.! Santa brought her winter whinneys and extensions! I put them on her last night. She went from : Why are you putting my hoof in a plastic bag, to what are you doing to me, to hurry and get all my legs covered!!! I made minor adjustments this morning and she was not please: Leave my Whinnys alone, thank you very much!" Jane D. Missouri


Comment: "I will also vouch for the effectiveness of these socks. My mare had a guy on a hind cannon bone that turned into proud flesh....nothing of your magnitude....the problem is that these cuts grow and become a long term issue. These socks were f'ing magical. No joke. It's healed on no time and my mare is back in full work. I have no idea how or why this works. It just does. Don't wait. Order whatever they say. Good luck" Elizabeth R.


Comment: "I just need to tell you how amazing these sox are! I purchased a paint gelding who came to me with bed sores... something I had never dealt with so I thought no big deal. Well after 9 months of trying everything, I ordered your product and what an amazing difference they have made. The sores are almost completely healed and Walter loves wearing the sox. I keep them on full time in the front and so he has almost worn out the first set of 4 so I am ordering more for back up. He gets turned out every day and plays hard so I was amazed they last as long as they do. Thanks for a great product! I have told my vet about them and anyone else who will listen. :)" S. R., Hayden, ID


Comment: "We are using our new Whinny Warmers, and LOVE them! My 23 year old Fox Trotter was having arthritis issues due to our incredible cold spell. The Whinny Warmers have helped SO much! They are so easy to use and launder. I'll be ordering more, and come Spring, I'll order Summer Whinnies for all 7 of our horses. What a great idea they glad I searched Google for 'horse leg warmers'!" C.O. Missouri


Comment: "Happily I don't have a picture to send because these socks are AMAZING and were the only thing that truly helped my guy! He's even been able to go all this summer without needing them since everything healed so well and we are staying ahead of it! He's an OTTB, bay with four tall white socks." Sallie Hill Outten


Comment: "Stacey wrote: 'My clients love their 'sox'." Stacey


Comment: " I just found this fb site, this whole time I had been trying to find it on the actual website! Jackson is my horse,(photo on FB page "Sox For Horses!" and he has come a long way since the injury first happened! I am so impressed with the Summer Whinny socks, and with the customer service!!!!!!! They has been with me and answered questions at any time needed! I tried using different things to keep the wound covered, nothing worked! I decided to go online and search, and found Sox For Horses. WOW, so glad I found them!!! I use the longer socks, they stay on great, and what a job they do. They are changed at least once a day, depending on the weather, sometimes twice. The healing has been awesome, without these socks I know the prognosis would have been poor. Thank you Sox for horses!!!!." KN


Comment: "Zeus was injuries 1/10/2014. He sustained two large laceration to his rear fetlock area, with that he severed three major blood vessels. After many months if rehab and wound care, we struggled with the wound and edema. That is when I looked into Sox for Horses. After just a couple days/week I noticed the edema had started to go down and the would looked amazing. We are still continuing to use the Sox's even to this day. We are still trying to get the wound 100% healed and the edema is still comes and goes. But without these soxs I don't know if he would still be around! Thank you Raymond and thank you for the soxs!." CBF


Comment: "We used the Whinny Warmer socks. The injury had not been stitched and had a few weeks of healing, we live in Canada and the winter is intense, we were so worried about exposed flesh in these conditions so were very thankful to come across your website. It did not take long for Sky to get used to used to her sock, she seemed grateful for it. Our vet is very impressed with your socks and is now recommending them. Picture now. Please feel free to use pictures and comments, we are very grateful. We are going to order some winter ones for our 26 year old quarter horse has he has osteoarthritis in the front pastern and we think it will help through the winter." AH, Canada


Comment: "Last summer my horse Snoop had scratches so bad they turned into cellulitis that we fought for 3 months before discovering the Sox for Horses product line. Once I started using Summer Whinnys the healing process started immediately and the results were amazing. This summer I wasn't taking any chances and the Summer Whinnys were put on as soon as the ground thawed. I am happy to report that Snoop has not had a single outbreak of scratches this year and the only thing that has changed is the use of the Whinny's. Snoop and I are very grateful for this product!!! Thank you!" AG


Comment: " Apollo took to his socks very well and is wearing them right now. I look forward to seeing those summer sores improve now he has protection. Only problem is now Gusto, being sensitive to flies and a little prone to summer sores also, wants them, too, and both Apollo and Gusto think they need a full set. This has Sunny eyeing them suspiciously and wondering if he is being overlooked, and Tazo is convinced the socks would look better on him. Banner is sad because as a draftcross there is just no way the socks will slide over his size 7 platters, but I tell him he already has four white socks and doesn't need them, he can go au naturel. But bottom line is I am looking at buying another seven sets though I'll need to wait a few days till end of week before ordering the next set so my credit card gets to roll over and cool off first, it's smoking right now not because your socks are not reasonably priced but because I am going out of town for a month and have been stocking up on feed and hay. And that is NOT reasonably priced around here! Anyhow, thanks for a great product and great service,Susannah."


Comment: Christine wrote: "They are working great protecting my laminitis horse from sores caused my his special boots!"A.T


Comment: "My horse suffered greasy heel for 3 years, needing antibiotics every time and no hair was growing back exposing his pink skin. Bought summer sox 4 months ago hair has grown back and more and no sign of greasy heel." A.T


Comment: "I ordered the original Whinny Sox (Summer Whinny's) several weeks ago. I purchased them for a horse who is recovering from a 6 month lay-up, from very serious wounds to lower hind front fetlocks that no longer need to be bandaged, but which need to be covered and protected from flies and dirt, etc. The sox are working really well, just love them. Just ordered the shorter ones and will probably order some extras to have on hand!!." Thanks,Susan M,NY


Comment: "The Whinny Warmers kept snow from attaching to his fetlocks and kept his joints warm during the extreme cold nights in the barn. He is a Dressage competitor and so his joints must be kept healthy. The socks stayed in place for 6 hours. I would recommend these to my friends." J.B. Pennsylvania


Comment: "Oh my! The Whinny Warmers are here!!! I put them on the old TB mare, Lucky, and she never moved. She bent her head down to touch them with her nose, and then looked at me, and went back to her warm beet pulp soup. Her ankles were icy cold when I picked her leg up to put the Whinny Warmers on, so I know she was chilly. She seemed so happy to have them on! Moonie, the Arab, was a bit more skeptical. Well, he is skeptical of everything, so... I just used the hind leg ones on him tonight, as he pulled a suspensor years ago and still has some issues with it from time to time. I know it gets cold and stiff in this weather, and probably aches as well. RJ, the Morgan, does not seem to need anything from us (quite a little bugger) but did look a little miffed he didn't get any Whinny Warmers tonight. He has thick wooly legs, and is young and healthy and rarely even needs a blanket. I gave him a new halter instead. These are awesome!"J.B. New York


Comment: "I can't remember ever doing business with any company so customer service oriented. Thank you so much. You make doing business with you a sheer pleasure. Sincerely,"C of MT


Comment: "I love it when a plan works. USPS came through and delivered the socks a little after noon. The herd showed up at the barn for a snack around 3:00, and with my husband’s help we successfully socked Homer! They are nice and thick and snug. I think this will work to keep off all those nasty flies so his legs can heal. I truly appreciate all of your extra help to get this to me so quickly." Note: Homer is a donkey that was in desperate need of leg protection. My shipper went to maximum effort to the package to the post office at the very last possible moment to make sure that Homer got his socks yesterday instead of on Monday. I am very happy that my shipping company is just as dedicated to customer service as I am."


Comment: "Indie a very fine skinned OTTB mare L. O. V. E. S. her summer socks. They stay up, no rubs and are easy to out on. She wears them inside and out. Thanks for a great product!!!!! ..... They really are fantastic. My farrier thought they were shoes without stomping."  E.R. of CT


Comment: Just a thanks! We've used your warmers for years, and they are fantastic. Our vets sort of scratched their heads over our winter "socks," but last week on a visit to our farm, they were raving
over the "summer whinnys" they found for healing leg wounds.
When I pointed to the Warmers on one boys legs and said, "That's
the same company that invented these!" eyes popped and no more
laughing at our winter Whinny Warmer ritual for our older boy.
His Whinny Warmers help his winter arthritis aches tremendously.
What great work you do for us!  JL, PA


Comment: "Want a great way to keep those flies off your horses' legs?? Give Summer Whinnys a try. Your horse will thank you. I bought a set for my grey/white Tobiano mare who has PINK skin on her white legs because her legs are a bloody mess. After using the the Summer Whinnys for the past 10 days, her legs look GREAT and she actually has learned how to HELP me put them on and take them off. I live in Central Arkansas and the flies and humidity here are atrocious. I will make sure my girl has a set of Summer Whinnys every year. Thanks,"   YW, Arizona


Comment: "Rocky normally stomps at night, even with bug spray and putting down mosquito beater down in his run in area. Even if he hears a bug, he goes bonkers, but he is much more comfortable with his Summer Whinnys, they seem to have a calming effect on him. No pounding at all last night, even though conditions are the same. Thankful for the socks." D.J. Wisconsin


Comment: "Sissy and Missy would like to let you know that they could not lay around basking in the sun had it not been for their Summer Sox. The flies last summer were horrendous, especially for Sissy. Without the Sox, she literally would have blood dripping down her legs and scabs everywhere. She spent most of her time biting at her legs. Through these photos, you can see her pal, Missy, sleeping on the job. Attached is a powerpoint(.pdf) depicting their joy in the Sox, at least for Sissy. Her pal, Missy is enjoying her nap. Sissy has renamed her Sox, "Sissy Sox." KL, New Mexico


Comment: "I bought a set for my grey/white Tobiano mare who has PINK skin on her white legs because her legs are a bloody mess. After using the the Summer Whinnys for the past 10 days, her legs look GREAT and she actually has learned how to HELP me put them on and take them off. I live in Central Arkansas and the flies and humidity here are atrocious. I will make sure my girl has a set of Summer Whinnys every year" CL. AR


Comment: "I can't remember ever doing business with any company so customer service oriented. Thank you so much. You make doing business with you a sheer pleasure. Sincerely." C of MT


Comment: "Anyone who doesn"t have these are missing out.Easy to put on(with bag) and they do stay up. Have left on for days and even hosed off with them. Have used them for stocking up as I don't know how to wrap. Have 2 sets with an extra back-up." L.C. NY


Comment: "So far, I've had unanimous success in alleviating every problem I've applied the socks to." Steve Soule, DVM USET Vet Palm Beach Equine Medical Center


Comment: "I see many pictures of nice clean horses with freshly laundered Summer Winnys on, and I must admit that I was skeptical about them actually staying up in "real life". Well, here's a couple of "real life" pictures for you. My horse and mule are turned out 24/7 in a "dry" lot with a run in. I figured that they'd stay up in a nice stall with daily turn out, but outside in the elements 24/7?  I wasn't so sure. These Summery Whinnys have been on right at 24 hours.   During that time, we had a very strong thunderstorm. So, the Summer Whinnys have not only been on for 24 hours, but they have been wet and muddy too. The bottom of one has rolled up just a tad from going through the mud, but the tops are right where they were yesterday. Amazing!”  Barbara, Indiana


Comment: "Love Them. My Horse’s legs are not chafed and bloody from rubs.  I always ued fly boots and they often chafe, slip or fall off.” V.S. South Carolina


Comment: (Whinny Warmers)"They provide the warmth and support to old/new leg injuries and help the blood circulation.  In older horses with arthritis, the cold doesn’t get in their joints so they are more comfortable and in less pain whilst moving around in the winter months…. The socks keep her knees warm so she is happy that the cold doesn’t get in her joints. Thanks for your Whinny Warmers. Ponies are happy!” J.B.  Florida


Comment: "The Summer Whinnys are keeping the flies off her legs. They stayed up a bit over 24 hours. I had to pull the fronts back up. Rear needed to be adjusted twice a day at feeding times. I posted links on my FB page, “liked” your FB page and told all my horse and mule friends.”   Barbara M.  Indiana


Comment: "The Summer Whinnys are kept the flies off and (not expected plus) helped keep her from stocking up in her left hind leg. They stayed in place for 3 days until I removed them to launder.”  C.H. South Carolina


Comment: I am THRILLED with these Summer Whinnys. My gelding gets habronema (commonly called summer sores) which is a parasite that flies transport and deposit the larvae in moist areas such as open wounds, the mouth, eyes, or penis. The infected wounds won't heal on my gelding until the resulting "kunkers" are removed. I'm including some pictures for reference.

Every time my gelding uses his teeth to scratch his legs, he breaks the skin leaving an open wound for the flies to transport the larvae which becomes habro. These lesions occur every summer so before fly season, I'd always wrap his legs. But he always managed to dig through his wraps or undo the velcro to scratch his legs leaving an exposed wound. I'd spend months wrapping a medicated kotex pad with vet wrap followed by polo wraps. This would go on all summer and at least once or twice a summer, the vet would have to dig out these deep kunkers. After 5 years of frustration, I desperately googled everything I could think of and came upon Summer Whinnys. I placed my order and was overwhelmed with joy to see that these summer socks completely protected my gelding who didn't even attempt to get them off. They're sturdy, they stay up and most importantly, they provide a comfortable barrier between the flies and his legs. Never again will he have to endure the pain of having habronema. I strongly encourage ANYONE who has any leg skin problems to get these socks. They offer wonderful protection and deserve to have a wider presence. Try them. You'll love them. Tell your friends. Tell your vet. Get the word out!! Here are some pictures of habronemiasis on my horse before and after using Summer Whinnys.

Example of habro wound before fly protection by Summer Whinnys

Habro Wound

Use of Summer Whinnys

Habro Wound

Habro wound continuing to heal nicely after use of Summer Whinnys

Habro Wound


Comment: Dear Socks for Horses: My horses and I want to thank you for Summer Whinnys. I investigated Summer Whinnys for my little donkey after being so tired of flies eating her legs until she bled. Ponkey is a rescue and was severely foundered when I found her. She has never tried to get the flies off of her legs, and no longer has any hair there. I tried everything from soaking her in fly spray to making her wear those pyrethrin soaked leg bands (how unhealthy is that…). Nothing worked beyond a few hours. Now – she wears her Socks proudly! Her skin has healed from all of the bites, and blood no longer trickles down her legs, and she is infinitely more comfortable – which makes me happy!

As a horse owner, I could not be pleased more. I bought a set of Summer Whinnys for my retired Trakehner/TB too – he suffers from severe arthritis and wears special shoes. The decrease in his stomping has changed his attitude tremendously! He no longer hides in the barn during the day, but ventures out into the pasture wearing his new Socks. Another bonus – the stomping saves his feet and his shoes stay on longer!

Not only am I a horse owner, I am a vet! I have recommended this product to horse owners who have horses that suffer from many ailments, including but not limited to arthritis, founder, skin sensitivities, fungal infections and more. My farrier is also excited about the products since a happier horse is easier to shoe! Not to mention that decreased stomping at flies saves the hoof from breaking up.

The Socks are extremely high quality. Once on, they stay up too. I have left them on for several days at a time, and even with my horses going into the muddy pond, there are no sores or points of irritation. The Socks dry quickly. And, they go through the washer and dryer coming out in the same shape as when they were new.

Finally, I have to comment on your excellent customer service. It seems that customer service is lacking in our Country these days. Not so with Socks for Horses. And, probably one of the best things of all – this product is MADE IN AMERICA! Thank you Socks for Horses! – Dr. Laureen Bartfield, DVM, Ponkey, and Black Tie.


Comment: "I think Summer Whinnys are the most effective fly protection I have come across." HM. Pennsylvania


Comment: "I didn't have any difficulties putting the socks on my horse. My horse loved them! They stayed up all night. Summer Whinnys are the answer to the effects of heat and humidity on horses living in the tropics! At once, flies mosquitoes, edema and dew fungus were gone! Thank you." C.M, Palm Beach


Comment: "Just wanted to get back with you about the Summer Whinnys I bought for my driving horse. My driving horse is gaited, I bought some Easyboots for him to protect his feet, but they would rub red spots and once a blister when we would go on our long rides. I had cut the feet off of some tube socks and put them on him, and they protected the pastern area, but not even a half hour into our ride they were all scrunched up into the pastern area. Protected, but had to be uncomfortable. I saw the ad for your sox's in a horse magazine and went online to read about them. Sounded like the solution for my problem, but your company warned not to use them on your horse when you worked or rode him/her. Well, I bought some. I put them on the front legs of my horse, then his Easyboots, before we went on our drive. They came above his knee and covered the pastern area too. We went on a 9 mile drive, when we got back, they were just below his knee, but not "bunched up" in pastern area. Was quite pleased with the way they worked, even though I know this is not their intended use. I also, put them on upside down, so tighter end hugged pastern area. Worked a 1000 times better than the tube sock, plus with them staying up, they also gave him some extra fly protection on our drive. Horse had no problem with the sox's, and left them on after we got home, didn't bother him at all, but noticed he wasn't stomping out in the pasture like he usually did. So - very happy with your product.” S.C., Florida


Comment: "My horse hates flies!!! She is now unhappy when the Summer Whinnys are off!! I don’t know how much money I spent on fly spray over the years trying to help her. Horses know a good thing when they have it. This was the best purchase ever! Finally!!! Something that works. Horses are breathing a sigh of relief because of you. Most importantly, my mare thanks you” J.S. California


Comment: "Dear Whinny Warmers, I purchased a set of your Summer Whinnys after discovering you online. I just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful product!! There is NOTHING else on the market that compares to what your socks offer horses. I have tried several different types of the boots made for fly protection, but find them not VERY horse friendly and some that I didn’t buy, down right dangerous. I was a bit concerned that the socks might not stay up long enough. I have to board my 25 yr old mare and only see her once a day, but have been sooo pleasantly surprised. They do stay up!! She is boarded at a wonderful facility with very good management practices and a fly control system in the barn (I thought my fly worries were over when I moved her to this barn) After putting the socks on, my girl was the only one in the barn not stomping!! I can’t put into words how it feels being able to finally after all these years make her comfortable. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and more importantly my girl thanks you for them.” Jacqui San Diego CA


Comment: "I have been battling summer sores on one horse for years. Summer Whinnys have kept the sores covered, hence kept them clean and free from biting flies. I had to pull them up for the first time after 4 days. I think you have a great product and I hope it takes off for you!” D.S. in Florida


Comment: "I had no difficulty in putting on the socks and they stayed up until my donkey got them off! Best of anything I've tried so far!” C.N. Illinois

REPLY: Our socks work for many equines, but they aren't going to work for 100% of them. Some horses are simply too active and the socks won't stay up if they are running around the pasture. Some horses fuss with the socks when they are put on initially, but we have found that after the first day or two, they ignore them. Give them a little time. Once the animals leave them alone, the socks do a good job of staying up and offer longer lasting fly protection than most if any fly sprays.


Comment: "For the horse that stocks up, Summer Whinnys are the perfect solution. The socks offer support and are soft and cool on the legs. The legs don't swell up and they aren't hot like standing wraps. They helped me heal a fungus problem on a horse in three days. My horses no longer come in from the pasture with sores from stinging nettles. I love these socks!” Patrick Whitelaw, Hunter Jumper Trainer, Competitor


Comment: "Your product is fantastic - my horse has a behavioral issue in that he chews on the insides of his legs if he gets stressed through being too hot or because of bugs landing on them - I've been battling his 'condition' for as long as I've had him which is about 4 years now.......your Summer Whinnys are the only thing to have worked so far - and they work a treat! and your customer service is great - I will be recommending to all my friends. Thanks again.” Michelle, Aberdeen, UK


Comment: "The Summer Whinnys cleaned up his leg sores. I keep them on him all the time. Keep up the good work.” S. M. California


Comment: Summer Whinnys® "My warmblood mare is the horse that Sox For Horses, Inc. is using to size their Warmblood/Thoroughbred Whinny Warmers and Summer Whinnys. She has a size 3 hoof! Today we fit the Summer Whinnys and as we were fitting them I noticed that flies would land on the socks and then almost immediately leave again. They can't bite through. My mare stood still once the socks were on. No more stomping. You can spend $35.00 on two bottles of toxic fly spray that doesn't work. I'm looking forward instead to having Summer Whinnys for my horses.” R.I. Florida


Comment: Summer Whinnys® "I had the opportunity to see how the summer socks are developing by putting them on a horse while I trimmed. They were easy to put on and the horse didn’t stomp while I did my work. I’m going to buy two sets so that I can put them on every horse I shoe. Bug sprays don’t phase the insects in Florida. Some of the horses stomp the trim off the foot before I can get a shoe placed even after I spray their legs. This is just what I’m looking for!” R.Nichols. Farrier, Bug infested Florida!


Comment: "We put Summer Whinnys on my horse ...and the stomping stopped. They did not cut off the circulation and they stayed up. As we were putting them my horse, I noticed he had a puffed rear tendon. About an hour after we put them on, I went to check his leg, the puffiness was gone. Usually I would have vet wrapped or polo wrapped his tendon, but there was no need to with the socks. They were easy to put on and easy to take off. These socks can be used for more than just fly protection, which really works. His legs are not sweaty either. I turn him out everyday with them on.” Sheri Cupples, Director-TNNBHA.


Comment: "As an American Farrier's Association certified farrier, I often need to trim the hooves of horses that are in their "golden years". Having to flex the horse's leg can cause some discomfort for stiff or arthritic horses. I have found that if the horse is wearing Whinny Warmers they provide added insulation and warmth to the carpal joint (knee) and supportive ligaments and tendons and allow me to move the leg with less discomfort. I feel these socks are very beneficial for the horse.” R. Nichols


Comment: "It is important that our Winnie’s legs stay warm in the winter, due to founder, from which she is recovering. Our horses both feel toasty warm underneath their Whinny Warmers. As far as we are concerned, Whinny Warmers are just what the doctor ordered. I wish we had known of these wonders years ago. Whinny can now enjoy who she was born to be." P.D. Indiana


Comment: “Offering such a simple method for keeping horse legs warm in the winter is a good idea. I believe a lot of horses can benefit from wearing these socks.” Dr. E. Schroeder, Prof. of Vet Medicine, University of TN- retired (Re: Whinny Warmers)  


Comment: “Putting them on the first time was a little difficult, but not after that. The socks stayed up all night long and I let her walk around in them. I would recommend these socks to my friends. I love the whole idea!”  CK, Aiken, SC (Re: Whinny Warmers)


Comment: “Frank (my horse) appreciates how much you care as do I”  Most Sincerely, S.S., California (Re: Whinny Warmers)


Comment: “The Whinny Warmers kept snow from attaching to his fetlocks and kept his joints warm during the extreme cold nights in the barn. He is a Dressage competitor and so his joints must be kept healthy. The socks stayed in place for 6 hours. I would recommend these to my friends.” J.B. Pennsylvania


Comment: “Wow these are great! They kept my horses legs warm and the fit was great, the socks were easy to put on and easy to take off too. My mare suffers from stiffness so I was keen to try them on her. The results were great as she did not seem as stiff as they are non-restrictive and moved with her legs. They kept her toasty warm and I could tell she really liked them too! I also do a lot of showing so I tried them on my other horses who has white socks. I have in the past had to use bandages to keep them clean, but they always seemed to be down by the morning! The socks stayed in place well and did keep her whites white. The socks washed great and dried quickly. I find these socks great for all sorts of situations and I fully recommend you try them-they are brilliant!” P.A, UK ( Re: Whinny Warmers)


Comment: “Thank you for your kind and prompt service. I look forward to watching Whinny Warmers on every horse in the country that needs the comfort and warmth they provide.” L.D. Oregon


Comment: “I just wanted to tell you that your Whinny Warmers are wonderful. The past few nights have been very cold here in Virginia, Friday was -4, and they definitely helped Agnes with her arthritis. Normally when it gets down even in the 20s she had trouble but with her Whinny Warmers she had no problems at all. I will definitely be ordering her another set in the near future. Thank you so much.” J.S. Virginia


Comment: “Oh my! The Whinny Warmers are here!!! I put them on the old TB mare, Lucky, and she never moved. She bent her head down to touch them with her nose, and then looked at me, and went back to her warm beet pulp soup. Her ankles were icy cold when I picked her leg up to put the Whinny Warmers on, so I know she was chilly. She seemed so happy to have them on! Moonie, the Arab, was a bit more skeptical. Well, he is skeptical of everything, so... I just used the hind leg ones on him tonight, as he pulled a suspensor years ago and still has some issues with it from time to time. I know it gets cold and stiff in this weather, and probably aches as well. RJ, the Morgan, does not seem to need anything from us (quite a little bugger) but did look a little miffed he didn't get any Whinny Warmers tonight. He has thick wooly legs, and is young and healthy and rarely even needs a blanket. I gave him a new halter instead. These are awesome!” J.B. New York


Comment: “I don't know if you will remember me or not, but on November 3rd, I called to order a set of your Whinny Warmers for Pandora Mule's skinny mule legs. We live in upstate Corning, New York and I didn't know how Pandora would do with them, never having worn leg wraps in the 24+ years we've had her. I put them on her in November the first time (upside down by the way) and she was not sure what I was doing to her. That was a trial run. I realized I had put them on wrong and the next time, I did them right. She gave them her "Mule Seal of Approval" that second time by holding her hooves up and being as helpful as possible. Mules DO NOT HELP unless they LIKE what is being done. That second time one of the WW(s) came off in the pasture so I decided for Pandora, Upside Down was Right Side UP. She has never lost them again. She only needs a pair on her front legs so I use the shorter (hind leg ones) and while they are being washed or have been brought back to the house to warm them up and dry, I use the other longer ones. She's sporting the longer ones today. As I type, it is 15 degrees here but feels like ONE degree. I don't know what she would have done without your Whinny Warmers this winter.
The Farrier was here this Monday and actually was able to trim Pandora's hooves with her front WW(s) in place. He even commented on how much better she is walking because, as I told you, she had acted as if her fetlock area might have arthritis and was limping a bit the last time he was here.
I credit your wonderful Whinny Warmers with helping Pandora get through this frigid weather. What amazed me was that she doesn't seem to get them damp as I had thought she might. That means she is able to wear the same set for 2 or 3 days with my just pulling them up each day.
Thank You, Thank You, Thank YOU for making Whinny Warmers. You will never know how much this means to me, to know I am doing something helpful for Pandora Mule, something she appreciates. Your Whinny Warmers are warming her mule legs and warming my heart at the same time. I am actually looking forward to the fly season when she'll be wearing her white mini-sized SW(s). They are the best!” K. P. of Corning, NY


Comment: “I have a Mini with laminitis and was looking for a ways to keep her warmer and less stiff in the winter. She seems much more comfortable now especially when she lays down. They stay up really well! I've already ordered a second set of Whinny Warmers for her. Your customer service is terrific. You have a great product.”  P. R., New Hamshire


Comment: “My 26 year old Appendix has arthritis, navicular and is a hard keeper in the winter especially. This year, for the first time, he also wore a winter blanket as well! His long skinny legs often are very cold and I was trying to keep him as comfortable as possible. Whinny Warmers helped him feel cozier and more comfortable during our brutal N.Y winter. He held his weight better and gave me piece of mind. Whinny Warmers are truly innovative and extremely helpful for horses with any joint problems, Cushings, laminitis and I applaud your creativity as well as look forward to using your Summer Whinnys.”  GB-N.Y.


Comment: “My horse has arthritis in her knees and hocks. I keep a heavy turnout blanket on her in the winter to help her. I always thought there should be something on her legs to keep them warm. By keeping her legs warmer, it has reduced the amount of pain and stiffness in her arthritis. The socks stayed in place for a full day without stacking them. I wish I had thought of this.” J.F. Virginia (Re: Whinny Warmers)


Comment: “I put my Whinny Warmers on my old horse the other night, we had a cold snap, 26, He is arthritic in the back legs, I think it helped and I think he liked it, not real sure about that, but he didn't seem as stiff the next morning when I let him out. I can't wait for the Summer Whinnys. My paint horse hates flies. It’s just about impossible to let him out during the day. He has white hoofs and he stomps so much it breaks his hoofs, so maybe they will let him enjoy being out some this summer. He gets ANGRY when everyone is out but him.”  S.C. TN


Comment: “Just received our Whinny Warmers for 17 yr old mare that is sore all winter.(prone to founder) We are double stacking them. We had them on most of the day yesterday and over night and this morning, she walked to the other end of the barn better than she has in a long time. My question is: can they be left on 24 hrs a day? It seems to help her. Thank You.”  K.V. Minnesota 

REPLY: Yes! Leave them on for as long as it’s cold. Wash them often to restore the elastic in the tops. Stacking them insures that they stay up over the knees all night long, though many are telling us that they are staying up just fine without stacking them.  


Comment: “I had a little trouble getting them over the hoof because my horse is wearing shoes but she liked them once I had them on.” J.S. NV. (Re: Whinny Warmers)

REPLY: Rats! We forgot to tell you that if you put a plastic bag over the hoof, the socks will slide right on to the leg. It's the greatest way to get the job done easy and fast. If your horse won't allow a bag over its hoof, use duct tape to cover the rough spots and nails if it is wearing shoes. The socks will still go on easy but taping is a little more trouble than the bag method. Sorry about that. We didn’t mean to make you work so hard.


Comment: “It just makes common sense, you would want to keep your horse's legs warm, especially during competition. I know many times in the winter at the shows, between runs, I am constantly walking my horse around to keep his legs warm. Now I can put these on him and maybe not have to walk as much.” S.Cupples, TN NBHA State Retired Director


Comment: “They help keep the warmth in. Looking forward to Summer Whinnys.” R.O.- N.H (Re: Whinny Warmers)


Comment: “I have a mare that gets sore in the winter months so I thought I would see if these would give her some comfort and they did help her walk a little better. They socks stayed in place for a few days.”  K.V. MN. (Re: Whinny Warmers)

REPLY: The socks wash and dry just like any other socks. Washing them restores them to their original shape. We’ve washed our socks many times and they still look like new. When they start to lose their 'stay up' power, give them a wash.


Comment: “You might be able to add to your marketing using the socks to keep the horse clean when they are not in the stall---I use them before I haul to the vet and farrier. People that show could slip them on when the horse is in an in and out that is wet or dirty and then pull them off when they come back in. If they are at a show the same deal, slip them on to keep them clean, pull them off and you are good to go. Good luck.”  K.D. Illinois (Re: Whinny Warmers)


Comment: “I didn’t know if they would stay up on my Arabian’s legs but they do!”  S.W., Michigan (Re: Whinny Warmers)


Comment: “My horse has a big scar on the hind leg that will not grow hair. It gets frostbite in the winter. The socks helped keep the cold off the scar.” V.K. Illinois (Re: Whinny Warmers)


Comment: “Thank you for the ‘Whinny Warmers’ for Windchill. The Post Office delivered them on Saturday night after regular hours. We gave Windchill three weeks of hugs, kisses, warmth and all the food he could eat and as much water as he could drink. Maybe he died knowing some humans can be kind. I’m sure he knows. Thank you for your kindness.” S.U. & The Windchill Team


Comment: “Saw Jeff's acknowledgement of your ‘donation’ on the “Thank you” part of his Windchill site - thanking both you and the Post Office - amazing how a certain type of person can always be counted on when things get tough! Just wanted to let you know that your part did not go unnoticed. We've been following Windchill from the start - seems like 100 years ago when we first heard about it on Fox News. The tears still flow but the little guy with the big heart has a special place in the “Big Guy's” pasture in the sky!” K&T


Comment: Helping horses in need is the food for our hearts.  To be remembered for our help only strengthens our resolve. For those of you who don’t know this story go to:  -Sox For Horses, Inc.