Whinny Warmers®/SILVER WHINNYS™
Do's & Don'ts


Do call us if you have any questions about the size of the socks to order, or if you want to know if they will work for you under your given circumstances. 850-907-5724.

Do read the instructions that come with the socks for putting them on and taking them off. If you do, you will have an easy time of using them. They aren't hard to use. If you are putting them on a horse that is sore or in pain, practice putting the socks on another horse that doesn’t mind you learning.

Do Adjust or at least inspect Whinny Warmers® and Silver Whinnys™  twice a day for correct position and fit. Don’t leave your horse for over 12 hours without inspecting any horse wear that you might be using!

Do put a plastic bag over the hoof before pulling on the socks. We include a Ziploc plastic bag with each pair/set of socks for this reason. Using the bag will make putting them on a breeze! If your horse doesn't like plastic bags on its hoof then cover all the rough places with duct tape and then pull the socks on. Either way, your job will be simple if all the rough parts of the hoof are covered before pulling on the socks!

Do keep an extra set or two handy so that one set is on and one set is ready.

Do wash Whinny Warmers® and Silver Whinnys™  all you want to.  Put them in the washer and dryer. Whinny Warmers® and Silver Whinnys™ are tough. They will hold up for a long time and their original shape will return after a wash and dry. After several days of steady wear, washing and drying them will restore their shape and stay-put protection.

Do “waterproof” water-repel the Whinny Warmers® if your horse is outside in the weather and wearing the socks. Wet, cold socks are not going to accomplish giving your horse warmth and comfort.  
Waterproof your Whinny Warmers® On washing and waterproofing your horses sock.

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Don't use Bleach or chlorine. Avoid perfumed detergents or drying sheets as these can irritate equine skin.

Do wash them in the washing machine and dryer. They will clean better and the elastic will recondition better.

Do wash Silver Whinnys™ every 2 days if you are using them to protect open sores on the legs. Keep the silver ions at peak performance.

Do consult your veterinarian if you are thinking of using them for any other therapeutic purpose other than as an insect barrier for Silver Whinnys™ or to offer warmth and comfort to equine legs in the winter when using the Whinny Warmers®

Don't put all of the socks on your horse at one time! We know that good horsemen and women know better, but we are going to say this anyway. Put two socks on your horse at first, usually the front leg socks are best to try first. Watch for a few hours to see how your horse gets along with them. If your horse accepts the first two socks, then leave them on the horse overnight. Give your horse plenty of time under observation to make sure all is well with the first 2 socks. DO NOT put the other socks on your horse until the next day when you have hours of time again to observe your horse's reaction to wearing all 4 socks. Don’t overwhelm your horse with new things all at once. Let them get use to the idea gradually and gently. If you use only two socks and decide they won’t work for your horse, you can return the unused socks for a 100% refund. 30% is all that is refunded on used socks. We are pretty good at helping you adjust your horse to the socks. Call us if you want help.

Don't ride or exercise any horse when it's wearing Whinny Warmers®. We've never had a horse injured because a sock came off, but you don't want to be on board if it happens because the horse could trip or stumble.

Don't ride or exercise any horse wearing Silver Whinnys™  unless the socks are safely held in place on the leg by performance boots.  Many high level professional trainers are successfully using Silver Whinnys™ Silver under performance boots to cushion the legs and prevent boot abrasions. Keep a vigilant eye on performance boot and sock position on the legs as you ride.

Don't use Whinny Warmers® or Silver Whinnys™ if your horse won't allow you to safely be around its legs! Using Whinny Warmers® or Silver Whinnys™  requires that you can handle a horse's legs and feet. If you have a horse that won't let you safely around its legs, do not attempt to put Whinny Warmers® or Silver Whinnys™  on that horse!

Don't use Whinny Warmers® under any therapy, protection, or performance horse boots, bandages, or leg wraps. Silver Whinnys™  can be used under performance boots but only with constant inspection to make sure both the socks and the boots are in proper position on the legs. Treat them as you would your tack when riding. Constant inspection leads to safe riding.

Don't use Whinny Warmers® in the summer. They are socks for cold temperatures! If you are looking for fly protection, check out Silver Whinnys™  on our web site. The cost of Silver Whinnys™  is about the same you would pay for two bottles of toxic fly spray that doesn't work. Silver Whinnys™ not only will protect your horse's legs from biting flies but will save you money!

Don't leave wet or muddy winter Whinny Warmers® socks on your horse. In the winter, it's ideal to have a set that is washed and ready and a set that is on. This way if the socks become wet you can change them out and still leave your horse nice and warm while you launder the set you removed. See Waterproof your Whinny Warmers®

Don't Don't worry about wet Silver Whinnys™! They perform when wet. That being said, if it is constantly wet and muddy the socks cannot dry out. You must change them at least daily. If you are using the Silver Whinnys as bandages, then do not allow them to remain on the legs while wet. You want dry socks over sores and wounds. In the winter, wet socks are cold. Change them if they are wet. In the summer, when conditions are dry, you can bathe your horse with the socks on and allow them to dry on the legs but this is if the humidity is low and the socks can be dry in a hour or so. During the heat of summer, wet Silver Whinnys can cool the legs down and offer a light compression that is great for horses after a heated workout. Just make sure weather conditions allow the socks to dry.

Don't buy them if your horse is boarded and you can’t get out to see your horse twice a day to inspect its clothing. If an equine professional at the boarding facility will keep an eye on your horse clothing twice a day, then buy them!

Do tell us what you think about Whinny Warmers® and Silver Whinnys™ . Thanks!

Do tell your local tack or feed store about our socks.


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