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Congratulations to “Orb” The 2013 Winner Of The Kentucky Derby and Princess of Sylmar for her win of The Kentucky Oaks.  Silver Whinnys™ made their way to the Trainer Award Buckets and we hope the trainers and grooms love them.


Whinny Warmers® and Silver Whinnys™ are now on horses in Australia, Canada, Scotland, Ireland, England, Sweden, Germany, Arabia, the Canary Islands, South Africa, Italy, Greece and more. Go to “Find A Dealer” to find a dealer near you.



Jiminey CricketWe never stop working to constantly improve the fit and functionality of our socks. This year, we worked for the little miniatures. We think you will find these socks are fit to be on the legs of every mini that needs leg protection from flies and filth.






Sox For Horses, Inc has donated to many horse and animal rescue efforts. This is an incomplete list.

• Windchill, Rain Dance Farms
• Orphan One man who has rescued over 2500 horses since 1974. Amazing story and a great bunch of volunteers.
• Tennessee Chapter of the National Barrel Horse Association
• Pacific Coast Horse Show Association
• Equestrian Aid Foundation.
• Injured Rider Benefit: Southern Trail Riders
• Injured Rider Benefit: Florida Chapter of the National Barrel Horse Association
• Horse Haven of Tennessee
• Our Mims Retirement Haven
• People Helping Horses
• Beauty's Haven Farm & Equine Rescue, Inc.
• Project Sage Horse Rescue
• SquirrelWood Equine Sanctuary Inc.
• Safehaven Horse Rescue
• Bright Futures Farm
• The Shetland Pony Welfare Trust UK
• The Golden Carrot Equine Rescue
• Life Savers Wild Horse Rescue
• Prim Rose Donkey Sanctuary
• Rock N Acres Animal Rescue
• Crystal Peak Youth Ranch
• The Cummington Mustangs 4-H
• Hooved Animal Welfare Counsel
• Six eastern locations of the United States Equine Rescue League
• CHI Foundation (Churchill Downs Charitites - Pony Up)
• Journey's End Animal Sanctuary
• Traveler's Rest Equine Sanctuary
• Emerald City Thoroughbred Project Rehab, Transitioning & Rehoming
• Ohana Horse Rescue,
• The Donkey Sanctuary
• Edgewood Longears Safehouse
• Lewis Farm and Equine Rescue
• Horse Feathers Equine Rescue
• Hidden Springs Horse Rescue
• Transitions Thoroughbred

• Life Savers Wild Horse Rescue Their web site is  


• Tennessee Horse Haven Their web site is You couldn't help a nicer bunch of people who give their time, their resources and their love to abandoned and suffering horses. Every dollar you send goes to the horses.


• Doberman Pinscher and Little Paws Rescue in Filmore, California. Their web site is Ardis Braun is a great animal rescue angel. Ardis and her team of volunteers have rescued and placed over 9 thousand dogs since their beginnings with dog rescue. Ardis has given her life and all of her resources to helping dogs go from desperation to great loving homes. Every dollar you send goes to the dogs. 

• Orphan Acres in Viola Idaho. Brent Glover, now 70 years old, has been rescuing horses for over 30 years. He has rescued over 2,500 horses over the years and needs all the help you can send him.  Recently a horse rescue effort near him closed down and Brent took on anther 40+ horses.  Send him all you can. Every dollar goes to the horses.

• When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, we personally gave to the SPCA. We found that the SPCA was right in there doing everything they could to find and rescue animals abandoned and injured in the storm. They rescued any animal they could find and did a fantastic job of it. Join their programs today.

• Wind Chill, the little Tennessee Walker was rescued from the frozen ground was the first of our efforts to begin changing the lives of desperate animals. As many of you know, Wind Chill was a national news story of a colt abandoned in the worst of winter, left to die with out food and water. His story can be found at This is another group of people dedicated to helping desperate horses.


If every animal lover in this country gave up one cup of Starbucks® coffee or one lunch out a week, and at the end of the month donated those saved proceeds to the animal rescue fund of their choice, imagine how much could be done to help all of the animals in need. Even if you send $10.00 per month, you and many others can change the course of events for many many animals. It's that simple. Do something. Don't do nothing.


Thank you for buying our socks for horses! Raymond Petterson, President, Sox for Horses, Inc.


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