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She-Z, 27 y/o Quarter Horse. Owner: Britt L. California, Non-responding for 8 years.


August 1, 2015, (Posted as a PM on the SFHs Face Book page.), Day 1 of the socks was 7/14/2015.

Click for larger versionOwner's Notes: "I just wanted to say thank you for coming out with this amazing product! I have a mare in my care who has suffered from a mysterious disease for 3 years and have tried everything! And every vet test possible to diagnose and came up with nothing. She was eventually diagnosed with Pemphygus, which is so rare there is no treatment. I decided to try your socks as I had tried everything else with no luck. These have transformed her leg in only 2 weeks!! I cannot believe my eyes. Every time I go to change the socks they look better and better!! I need a few more to keep up with the clean changes but so worth it! I will recommend these to everyone!! Here are some before and afters. Feel free to post these if you wish."



Click for larger versionAugust 3rd, 2015, Day 21.

Owner's notes: "She has a long way to go to full recovery, if she ever does fully recover. But she's so much more comfortable now then she was. The skin is so thin is bleeds from barely any touch at all. Now that I've added to using the bell boot to keep the bottom half over the coronary band I'm hoping that will heal up too. The disease is causing her hoof to grow irregular as well. This horse is also 27 years old and otherwise is in great health and is still ridden regularly still. Thinking of getting more to put in the first aid box for others."

Click for larger image"All shots I took tonight after washing it. I do that once a week. I have never been able to see her coronary band till today."


Click for larger image

Aug 3rd, DAY 21

Click for larger image Aug 3rd, DAY 21



Click for larger image August 7, 2015, Day 25. On Aug 3rd, SFHs advised the owner to use duct tape to tape the "foot" of the sock to the hoof so that the tissue at the coronary band would be completely covered at all times. Here are the results. Photos submitted by the owner.


Click for larger imageDay 25, Aug 7, 2015



Click for larger imageDay 25, Aug 7, 2015



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