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Lucky, 7 y/o, Paint Gelding. Owner: Savannah H. Scratches.



Click for larger versionOwner's Notes: "The scratches appeared very suddenly within days of my contacting Sox For Horses Inc.
I was trying to treat with sunscreen and Corona and keeping him inside his stall during the day to get him out of the sun.
The first photos were taken on 8/14/2014 to show SFHs. I didn't take Day 1 photos. The next photos were taken on 8/20/14, the 3rd day of Lucky wearing the socks. I used nothing but the Summer Whinnys. I never used Desitin on his legs, only his face. He has a bald face (which was literally bald during that time period)."



Click for larger version8/20/2014 Day 3 of the Silver Whinnys™.



Click for larger image8/25/2014 Day 8 Silver Whinnys™.


Click for larger image

9/5/2014 Day 19





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