SLIDESHOWS - HOW TO PUT Whinny Warmers® & Summer Whinnys® ON YOUR HORSE

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Whinny Warmers® and Summer Whinnys® are long socks designed to fit horses.  If you fold them nearly in half before pulling them over the hoof, they go on much faster.  Clean your horse’s feet before putting on the socks. If the horse is wearing shoes, put duct tape over the nail tips on the hoof. If the hooves are rough, use the duct tape to cover the rough places. The sock will be easy to put on if you utilize the duct tape to avoid those snags but it takes more than rough hooves to tear up Whinny Warmers® or Summer Whinnys®.

Put one sock on your horse first just to see how it reacts to wearing socks. Leave that single sock on the horse for an hour or so and if the horse is fine with it, add the second sock. Not one of our horses reacted to wearing socks and we've heard from many customers that their horses didn't have any problems with them either, but that doesn’t mean that your horse will immediately like them particularly if your horse has never worn boots or wraps on its legs before.




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